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There are few opportunities in the controls industry…

Are you looking to start your own business and grow your own wealth?

You know that complete controls lines are few and far between. Even if you’re a newcomer, we help you secure a protected territory, assist you in finding customers, provide training, and give you the tools for your success.

Looking for a solution?  

Contact us at 1.833.272.8837 now to find out how we can help you.


Are you an experienced controls contractor/systems integrator who is searching for an exclusive protected geographical territory?

We cater to the needs of mechanical contractors, ESCOs, independent controls contractors, and systems integrators who have been constricted by the controls manufacturers’ distribution contract that allows for open and competitive territories.

Looking for a solution?

Contact us at 1.833.272.8837 for a list of available territories and find out more.

Are you looking to cultivate new opportunities within your existing market?

Want to offer more services to your customers?

You will have the opportunity to provide your customers a complete line of automation controls product options enabling innovative solutions to improve comfort, energy savings, operational efficiencies, and life safety.

Looking for a solution?

Represent a full controls line: valves, actuators, sensors, DDC BACnet controllers, software, HTML graphics, and analytics.

All this provides the following solutions: night setback, occupied and unoccupied mode, optimal start-stop, reset hot and chilled water and duct static pressure, energy strategies, duty cycling, demand limiting, demand response, chilled and hot water plant optimization, facility scheduling, discharge air, light harvesting, fault detection and diagnostics … and more.

Contact us at 1.833.272.8837 now to find out how we can help you.

Are you an end user or contractor who needs access to the Sauter Controls line of controls and field devices?

Allow SC North America to be your partner for building automation controls parts.

Looking for a solution?

Contact us at 1.833.272.8837 to locate a Systems Integrator in your area who will quote you on replacement parts, repair needs, or expansion projects.

Contact us for a quote today at 1.833.272.8837.

Looking for a solution?


Are you an established business looking to expand into the controls business and can’t find a product or partner to support your customer base?  We are your solution!




Are you tired of competing against the same products you represent? Now you can have your own unique complete building controls product line in a protected, exclusive territory to build your market.


Are you losing recurring income to your competition? You will secure future work with a building automation product line that only your company can represent in your own exclusive territory.


Are you representing an unprotected product line in your territory and are losing business to other control partners?  Having geographic exclusivity to a complete automation controls product enables you to grow your business without threat of competition.


How important is your corporate identity in your market?  You have the freedom to grow your business the way you want it with a flexibility to pursue any building controls system opportunity from retrofits to new construction.


What would it mean to be part of a global network of 1,000+ building automation controls contractors/distributors? Become an exclusive distributor in North America and join the team of worldwide distributors/contractors collaboratively designing innovative solutions for a long list of diverse and successful projects utilizing a complete line of building automation products manufactured by Sauter Controls.

Represent a full controls line: valves, actuators, sensors, DDC BACnet controllers, software, HTML graphics, and analytics serving the following sectors: Office Buildings, Campuses, Schools & Universities, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Data Centers, Laboratories, Sports Centers, Hospitality, Military, Government, Light Industrial … and more.

If you want to take your business to the next level, have questions about limited exclusive geographic territories, or simply want to learn more, please contact us at 1.833.272.8837 to start your journey.

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